Wow and Wonder post – Week 2 (Jan 17–23)


After reading the articles about the Personal Learning Network (PLN), a flood of ideas and thoughts shot through my mind. I learnt that PLNs are not new, but technology has, however, changed how we connect to others and have expanded their reach significantly.

Social media and technology have, specifically, removed the physical barriers that once existed to communicate with each other. Time zones and distance no longer present the significant hurdle they once did either. 

Today we are able to connect like we could never imagine before. We have all types of networks and modes to connect with people, such as:

  • Family – Facebook 
  • Friends – Instagram 
  • Relationship – Tinder
  • Work related – LinkedIn 

You could potentially build a connection with someone famous by just simply sending them a message on social media. It’s become this easy to build connections. 


There multiple ideas that got me curious while thinking about PLN, one of the few were:

In the past, there was almost no way you could connect with the President of the United States with no particular reason. However, now we are able to contact the President of the United States without barriers, by sending them a message on social media and praying they reply. This made me realise, if we have the ability to connect to the President of the United States, we can possibly contact any other educators or family members one way or another. This opens up the possibility to connect with an unlimited range of people.  

This also makes me wonder whether there is a future where we can take it a step further to receive a message back from the President of the United States. From from not being able to say anything to the President of United States, to being able to send a message to the President of United States, but can the next step be receiving a message from the President of the United States for sure? 


Not only is the PLN fascinating, but it holds limitless possibilities and ideas to build upon. We have many more technologies to develop which would create many more fascinating ideas and builds which I look forward to!

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